Cheat…Die…Friends – an ISG Writing Exercise

Here is a fun featured story by me!

Ink Slingers Guild

On 4 Jan 2017, these three words were chosen:

  • Pegleg
  • Situation
  • Yawn

And these blurbs were written within five minutes….Enjoy!



Shanty sat up and yawned wiping the sleep from his eyes he heard it more clearly “….. cheat…. die….. friends”. Was this a female? Shanty grabbed his tunic and slid it over his head and then attached his peg-leg with a practiced move and started to head up the stairs from the sleeping area.

More screaming, curses and then something large slammed into the ship which caused it to lurch and tip. He almost lost his footing and went tumbling. What in the hell was going on he thought.

As he opened the hatch leading to the main deck he was almost struck in the head by some kind of flying debris. When his eyes adjusted to the starlight he realized the situation was way worse.


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