It’s All About Me

Well hello there.

I suppose if you are reading this you want to know more about me or see how much I talk about myself here. Well, since it is about me I figure I should let you in a little.

I am an author, actor, painter and adventurer.

I grew up being an elusive female nerd. It seems to be a popular thing to be, but growing up in the 80′ s and 90’s I can tell you finding another female D&D player was rare.

Life is an adventure and it is built on the things you do, the people you surround yourself with and most of all the things you create.

So, you will find that I create worlds and stories. I find that not all stories have happy endings all tied up with bows. If that is the type of stories you want to read, you may think twice about cracking one of mine open. However, if you want to be pulled into a world that makes you think, tremble in fear or remember why you slept with a night light on, I might just be the author for you.

I write mainly in horror with a sprinkling of sci-fi and fantasy at times.

So, come, join me, let me take you on an adventure. I am pretty sure you will return in one piece.

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